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But you will get a very good taste of the attempt to be Balanced and Objective from an American Perspective.

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Any Hegemonic and or Imperial Power Gets Involved beyond its Borders - per definitionem; the crucial questions invariably include to what extent? And, for what purpose s? Apparently or seemingly, there are strong counter-arguments to the article above regarding Pearl Harbour. Whoever is interested enough and has the time, must find them and consider them as it should go without saying.

No knowledge and or analysis of agreed facts is necessarily absolutely final even if it seems so. There is always the possibility of a new way of looking at things, and or the discovery of other relevant facts could change analytical plausibility, etc. I, as someone CRAZY, am not that CRAZY, and can still tell the difference between different species, kinds, types, perspectives, world views, value systems, normative-ideological-political positionings etc.

I don't like the look of all of THAT at all Please read both above-mentioned sites of Unz and MacDonald critically and with an open mind; there is a lot to agree and disagree with.

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The Sites are useful, particularly for experienced readers with a solid background in the classics, sociology, history, politics and philosophy, both from the point of view of "picking up some new and or "wild" ideas" and refining one's own positions against implausible or in part highly dubious theses presented as sound and compelling. In any event, it would have been "nice" if there existed a "locked" world internet only for "elite scholars and thinkers" - regardless of country American, German, Chinese, Indian, Persian, Russian, So - back to the public domain: in the public domain, P.

It really is a unique accomplishment and model of scholarly and intellectual achievement in the whole history of the West, and an absolute PEAK in thought in the West and obviously I don't care whether you believe me or not. Those few of us who know, KNOW and "that's that". However, by singling out certain analysts, historians, thinkers etc.

Thus, we get to a situation in the public domain where one tries to be as Objective or "Scientific" as possible, but has to still consider his Readers and the Public, which overall cannot possibly handle, and will never be able to handle, all the implications which arise from all the great theoreticians - social scientists - who study Power in all its vast complexity and intricacies, starting with Thucydides and ending with P. Anyone who has the Time and Brains and Learning incl. Good luck then to ALL serious thinkers!

I do enjoy reading some of your articles! Make a free website with Yola. Translator's Page. Further Articles etc 2 Further Articles etc 3. From the grave.


Disclaimer: Nothing within this page or on this site overall is the product of Panagiotis Kondylis's thought and work unless it is a faithful translation of something Kondylis wrote. Any conclusions drawn from something not written by Panagiotis Kondylis in the form of an accurate translation cannot constitute the basis for any valid judgement or appreciation of Kondylis and his work. This disclaimer also applies, mutatis mutandis, to any other authors and thinkers linked or otherwise referred to, on and within all of this website.

The translation of the Greek text should be read and studied first so that the reader can familiarise himself with the main themes it also happens to be another short P. GEM in and of itself! Study One will provide a lot of interesting information and insight s as regards the history of ideas: Hegel, The Young Hegelians, Critique of social-political reality totality, contradiction, philosophy, reality , Fichte, B.

Bauer, L. Feuerbach, Stirner and of course Marx himself, et al.. Figure things out for yourselves. Another "P. Marx and Ancient Greece by P. ALSO: P. AND P. It becomes clear how important a good education in Greek and Latin is for people interested in serious theory and not in the ideological posturing e.

Mearsheimer, R. Merry et al. Facts might be facts, causality might be very difficult, complicated and even impossible to adequately explain, incl. BUT let's not ever get carried away with ourselves: first, I recommend that everyone is always polite and nice and kind to Jews in e. And anyway, Jews are humans too, and if I were a Jew, I'd be supporting my elites more or less, particularly if I benefit from their Primitive Secret Society Networking at elite level. Marcuse, Lipset, et al.

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I'm sure you'll enjoy it, if you're interested in that kind of thing cf. In fact, P. Holbach and Helvétius. This is the more mature Marx as opposed to the young-Hegelian Marx who thought that "philosophy" could "fix" reality If we see things in that way, then the old unbridgeable opposition between philosophy and religion is lost, since and the two philosophy and religion equally constitute ideological forms; Death to Satan!!!

As we have already observed, the Aristotelian condemnation of the Monetary is tantamount to the denial of every autonomisation, i. Equally however, also the condemnation of usury, — which according to Aristotle, as Marx notes also again, is not but the Monetary applied to the circulation of money and only [[that circulation of money ]] —, interrelates with the Aristotelian ethical-economic condemnation of the Monetary. As is known, the condemnation of usury lasts with the same intensity in the whole of the medieval political-theological literature, and this shows how correctly Marx stresses the economic and ideological continuity of pre-capitalistic social formations.

Nevertheless, the socially and historically determined character of this perception is brought to mind always by the fact that even also in the epochs of their greatest dissemination, the ancient models were not in the least recognised as such by everyone — and they were especially not recognised as such by all those who socially and ideologically combatted the ideological proponents of precisely the ancient models.

Hilarious stuff! Ferguson and???

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  6. Mannheim, who inter alia, pointed to the need of Marxism in its main dominant versions at that time to be recognised and understood as an ideology too in so far as its normative utopistic aspects were concerned. Now, the so-called Frankfurt School drew on the Young Hegelian and early-Marxian notion of Critique - as well as eclectically, and not with any particular consistency - from Weber, Simmel, T ö nnies , anti-Christian Zionism Judaism et al.

    This excerpt from the second study of P. The secret of the expression of value, the equality and equal validity of all labour s , because and in so far as they are human labour in general , can only be deciphered when the concept of human equality already possesses the firmness of a popular prejudice. That is, however, only possible in a society wherein the commodity form is the general form of the product of labour, that is, also the relationship of men with one another as commodity possessors is the dominant social relationship.

    Aristotle's opposition to the Monetary and to the autonomisation of Money incl. Usury , whilst being in favour of the Economic, a more closed economy and use value, rather than exchange value , and the fact that in the History of Ideas, it is quite clear that both far-Left as in extreme mass-democratic socialistic-communistic positionings and far-Right as in post-Societas Civilis and post-Oligarchic-Bourgeois-Liberal extreme mass-democratic fascistic positionings , or in other words, in regard to Communism Marxism vs.

    Fascism and National Socialism , there is a clear area of commonality e. This relates to the very important Historical-Scientific-Conceptual work G. Contogeorgis has done about Ancient Times incl.

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    Ancient Democracy continuing in part - with of course all of the changes as well - into the post- Hellenic-Roman World up to c. Bloch, et al. Apart from the fact that Contogeorgis is not in the least an Anti-Semite he never mentions Semites as far as I am aware unless for the purposes of historical and scholarly reference, if such reference takes place - something like P.

    This is just "too" factual and commonsensical not to be linked. A lot of interesting issues are raised here. What is the reason? What did you say? Why is it a "Holocaust" when SIX 6 million die, but not a "Holocaust" when more than two hundred million innocents die in the 20th century? Who the FUCK are you?


    Very, very, very, This makes a lot of valid points. Tribes because we had High Culture 2, years ago, and they didn't have High Culture like us until about years ago. Speaks for itself. We really are in an Age of Total Madness. One could agree with "a million and one things? Mass appeal at least to a certain extent is with e. Le Pen, and we haven't seen her in power yet or may never see her in power If History, Jews, Usury, etc. Much here to agree and disagree with, but more importantly to ponder re: the "major issues" facing people in the "West".

    All Americans should study Burnham he was a flawed but comparatively very good thinker at times, great - and much under-rated and under-valued , and if people are interested in "High Social Theory", then George Herbert Mead features very prominently in Ch. I want to add that not infrequently Power A can be stronger than Power B, but not strong enough to annihilate Power B without Power A itself suffering potentially overwhelmingly crippling and even worse damage e.

    Russia and or China.

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    Be that as it may, if the current "Western system" does not find a way to accommodate all major demographic and or cultural groups in it, and continues down the path of undermining and attacking White Christian and Secular-Atheist males and their families, then the West - what remains of the West - will possibly or even probably end up in something much worse than "in the poo" - and definitely not just because of external pressures Of course, more or less ascertaining and stating what reality is, has nothing to do with proposing a realisable other kind of "order" I have to praise this - not because it would make it into the "P.

    Of course, the underlying sense of pessimism and even doom, is no good for those who want to intervene in the political and politics to "change things, or make things better", yet on the other hand, if people are not realistic, then they are only going to be fooling themselves - BIG TIME and even though writing very good to excellent articles might be seen as worthwhile "meta-political" work, one has to ask oneself if it matters at all at the end of the day As far as the public is concerned, this is serious discussion in the "right" direction, in the sense of realism.

    The experts i. OR A. This is a basically good article which chooses - as is its right and prerogative - not to name "SATAN" i. Kenneth Waltz - because Europe as smallish nation-states will probably be open to all sorts of Mohammedan and or African and or other outside mayhem, unless a European nation decides to "batten down the hatches" and seal its borders and rely on military technology to protect itself and secure access to energy, food, etc..

    Very interesting comments - at least in part true but some comments also with some gross analytical and or factual inaccuracies - and don't forget, this Site does not want to convince you of anything. This Site does not and could not care less what you think. Rich says:. Darrell Dullnig says:. They also see national borders as somehow obsolete and oppressive… Both nationalism and imperialism are natural political forces. Ahoy says: Next New Comment. Whether you like it or not,.

    Jews are. Ethnic Consciousness of their own, AND, you cannot worm your way out of the facts. AND here we're talking about the U. RadicalCenter says: Next New Comment. Δῦο ἄρθρα σοβαρότατα : ἡ ἐφαρμογὴ ἀποτελεσματικῆς πολιτικῆς περὶ καὶ δημογραφικοῦ καὶ μεταναστευτικοῦ ἔπρεπε νὰ εἶχε ἀρχίσει τὸ ἀργότερο τὴ δεκ. Διαβᾶστε Κόσμε! Εἴτε συμφωνεῖτε, εἴτε διαφωνεῖτε, ἐν μέρει ἤ ἐξ ὁλοκλήρου, Διαβάσετε καὶ Προβληματιστεῖτε, ἤ ἔστω γιὰ κᾶτι, ἐνημερωθεῖτε!

    Ἄν μὴ τὶ ἄλλο - συνήθως ἄν ὄχι πάντα - ὑπάρχει πολὺ Entertainment Μόνο περίπου 80 ὤς χρόνια πρίν. Ἄλλος Κόσμος.

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