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Επαναστατικός Σχεδιασμός

Robustly built with 2.5mm of aluminum alloy, the chassis exudes the elegance of simplicity, meanwhile the red and black color scheme screams out hardcore gaming.

Employing grade N48 magnets to hold the case together, this innovative design makes it easier for users to quickly disassemble or assemble the chassis. Plus an uniquely designed set of keys to ensure all of the components are sitting safely inside the chassis.

G-Sensor Integraded

A multipurpose controller with an OLED display panel and integrated G-Sensor adds more convenience for users to tune or check the system’s status.

  • Main - After the logo, the screen shows the date and time.
  • Volume - Increase/decrease the volume level by turning the knob right/left.
  • Mode - power management modes: Eco, Standard or Speed.
  • Info - CPU frequency, CPU usage, LAN usage, or APM data.
  • Light - Light on/off, or enable Good Night LED
  • Time - Turn the time on/off.

Home Cloud

Imagine yourself as a desperado riding into the sunset, an outcast of the society exiled from your country, or simply at the groceries two blocks away from home. You miss your personal computer so much and you'll need Home Cloud for the following real world scenarios:

  • Documents - Access or send files remotely anywhere.
  • Mail - Keep your stored mail near at hand whenever you need it.
  • Monitor - Keep an eye on your pets or children when you are away from home.
  • Multimedia - Stream your secret stash of vids, music and pics.
  • Tv - Watch your favorite local TV programs by connecting to your PC.